Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wanna blog

How do teachers find time to blog???

Saturday, September 11, 2010

For professional eyes only

So this year instead of having this blog be for my students, it will be for me.  A place to reflect, to vent, to reach out into the ether.  The year has started out insanely - new principal, new assistant principal - who have in common the communication style of a schizophrenic rhinoceros.  Monday is the first full day of classes, and here it is Saturday night and I am ready for 2.5 of my 4 classes.  Even as I type I am conscious that this effort, which I believe is for my professional benefit may be distracting me from the work I need to do.

I have come across a fabulous graphic organizer/first day student survey, for which I am grateful.  More fun than anything I would have come up with.  I am hoping - and this is the last thing I will say before I get back to the work that must be done if I am to retain my sanity through the first week - that being with my students will divert me from the nonsense up above. 

Here's to teachers who share their work with anyone lucky enough to find it.